The Bar G Wranglers Show

One of the best things to do In Kanab, UT

Monday - Saturdays at 8:00 pm, Starting April 6th

After a long day of driving or hiking the National Parks, Slot Canyons, and beautiful sites in the Southern Utah area, you may just find yourself staying the night or passing through the historic, yet growing city of Kanab, Utah. But once here, what do you do? Your energy is spent by the end of the day, yet, you don't want to just sit in your hotel room the whole night when you're on vacation!

For the past several years, Kanab, UT could only boast several great restaurants to choose from, like Rocking V Cafe and Houston's Trail's End Restaurant to name a few, a movie theater, and some nice gift shops and Levi store. But as of April 6th, 2018, Kanab, UT has so much more to offer! Tourists and local folks alike, on a special night out on the town, have always asked those that serve them, 

"So, what is the special 'thing to do' in Kanab Utah, anyways? We just finished our what?!" After such a long day, a hike up Squaw Trail (for instance) doesn't sound super appealing, and a person can only shop so long, before they drop. So, the new owners of the downtown Redstone Theatre (29 W Center Street, Kanab, UT) had an idea. They didn't want to be just another movie theater that could be found in any city or town in the United States; they wanted to offer something that would be the first thing off a local restaurant waiter's lips, when asked "what are some things to do in Kanab, Utah?" They wanted to offer something to pull people back, to introduce them to Kanab Utah's roots. What better way, than a live show; better yet, a western style band with singing, fiddling, trick-roping and more! The town is nicknamed "Little Hollywood" due to all the old western movies that were shot in and around Kanab, UT after all! Not only would this be a tribute to Kanab Utah's past, but the ranching cowboy way of life is in fact still a reality in Kanab today!

After prior successful shows such as "Always Patsy Cline" and an original Christmas show this past year, the Redstone Theatre would like to present The Bar G Wranglers LIVE Western Show - soon to be the #1 Thing to Do in Kanab, Utah! The Bar G Wranglers was formed in 1998 by Russ Eacker of Hurricane, Utah. He and his dad, Dean Eacker, sang together with the “Sons of the Golden West” and are former members of the “Bar J Wranglers” from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Russ grew up watching his dad work with the likes of the “Spade Cooley Band,” “Tex Williams Western Caravan” and once singing with Roy Rogers and Tex Williams at a large rodeo in the Los Angeles Coliseum. He decided that keeping western music alive and well, was a mission that he wanted to be a part of. With the Redstone Theater and the Bar G Wranglers' forces combined, they hope to never let the history and awe of "The Old West" die with the changing times. Come join us, and not only get blown away by the amazing talents of the Bar G Wranglers band, but fill your otherwise uneventful vacation night with fun and laughter as the Bar G Wranglers bring back some good ol' western music and entertainment. 

The Bar G Wranglers have now made Kanab Utah their home. This means they will be performing 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, at 8:00 p.m. Auditorium doors open at 7:30 p.m. The show lasts approximately one hour. So when you you arrive in town and are looking for that one special 'thing to do' in the little town of Kanab Utah, stop by The Redstone Theater and pick up your tickets to the show. OR Order online at  *Don't forget to ask about our seniors or military discount. 

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